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We welcome you to your soul transformation portal.  Here at Soulistic Wellness Healing, you will find a plethora of tools to assist in the evolution of your soul's journey.  With our holistic approach to living, we offer superior coaching services, energy healing certifications, extensive training's, informative and fun-filled conferences and events, various healing modalities, and much more. Our mission is to equip individuals with tremendous resources globally to assist in the healing, growth and development of the whole being (Mind, Body and Soul).  

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Reiki Energy Healing Therapy is a healing technique that works to increase your life force and help energy flow where you have accumulated blockages and imbalances.  

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“All of my questions were answered and I loved that their services were so convenient. Sharon explained everything she was doing during my Energy Healing session and I got to purchase some of the crystals she used. Afterwards, I felt like I had been revitalized and educated on how to better care for myself.”


At Soulistic Wellness Healing our desire is that you be balanced, whole, and live from your SOUL.  My intention and dream for Soulistic Wellness Healing is that we provide services that bring humanity joy, peace,and spiritual wellness.  If you go within, you will find all that you need, we will simply assist you in getting there. 

Sharon Walker, MS

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Be Balanced. Be Whole.

Live from your Soul.