Crystal Energy Healer Certification

Full Cost: $300.00

Deposit: $150.00

Duration: Weekend (Course available in Classroom and online) (DFW Metroplex)


Do you feel drawn to crystals? Do you feel a special connection with nature? Have you had an interest in the healing properties of crystals and a desire to use them to bring healing to yourself and others? If so, our Crystal Energy Healer Certification course is for you.

This course is a great tool and healing modality for beginners in energy healing as well as those with any existing healing practice. Crystals can physically heal, invigorate, assist in manifestations, boost creativity, and even cultivate love. Crystals are a great tool for holistic practitioners such as Reiki Practitioners, massage therapist, doctors, nurses, etc. You do not have to be certified in Reiki or any other healing modality to be a Certified Crystal Energy Healer. This certification will take

Crystal Energy Healer Certification with Soulistic Wellness Healing

your practice to the next level if you are a Reiki Practitioner. Crystals are a great combination with the healing energy of universal life force energy and Reiki symbols.

The required text for this course is, The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall and The Crystal Encyclopedia, by Judy Hall. These two books are excellent guides to the properties of crystals. Both text are filled with photographs, detailed descriptions, information on individual properties including shapes, colors, and applications. Both text can be found at

In this course, you will learn how ancient civilizations used crystals for healing. You will explore the energetic properties of crystals and how they are formed. You will learn how to perform self-treatments, as well as how to conduct a full session step by step on others. You will learn techniques to help you to access your intuition and inner guidance. It is very important as a practitioner that you know which crystals contain toxic properties and you will be learning extensively which crystals to be careful of due to toxicity. You will learn how to construct a crystal grid and how to choose the best crystals based on your intention. It will be a joy to learn how to use crystals to manifest your goals and to how to connect with clients to help them do the same. You will learn how to properly cleanse, charge, program and store your crystals. During this course, you will also learn the basics about the chakras, which are our energy vortices. You will learn which crystals and gemstones connect with each chakra and how to use the color of gemstones to connect with your chakras and for aura cleansing.

Using your intuition, you will practice selecting crystals based on their healing properties and the needs for your client. It is very important to know that you will learn about the importance of ethics, client relations and how you should refrain from diagnosing and prescribing in any type of energy healing session. Energy healers are not doctors and do not encourage clients to go against any diagnoses or treatment that they have received from a medical professional.

For certification requirements you must attend the entire weekend course, as well as complete a course exam on day two to ensure that students with this certification meet a higher standard of professional competency. At the end of the course, you will receive a signed and stamped Crystal Energy Healer certificate from Soulistic Wellness Healing. You will also receive outlines, templets and resources to prepare you for your own private practice.

If you attend the course online, you will be joining our class on a live feed. You will be able to ask questions and be a part of the class as if you were joining us in person. During this course you will have the opportunity to practice on others on day two. If you choose to take this course online, you should have someone with you on day two that is willing to allow you to practice on them. If you attend the class online, you will also be required to complete an additional worksheet and have a follow-up with the teacher. Please choose one of the available dates, fill out the registration form and make your payment below.

The Crystal Healer Certification is offered as a single weekend course.The course will be available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (location for each course TBA) as well as online for those that are not in the area. The course is on Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.  This course is offered only once per quarter through Soulistic Wellness Healing. Please choose one of the dates available, fill out the registration form and make your payment below. Before you register, make sure to review the Course Packages section to see if this course is offered in a bundle with another course that you may be interested in. Our course packages can save you up to $150.

Crystal Energy Healer Certification