Crystals & Gemstones

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Pyrite (also known as fools gold).

The mineral kingdom and the crystals it contains are the foundation of all physical matter and of life itself. Crystals are the most stable and orderly form of matter in the universe.


Where do crystals and gemstones come from?


Crystals are all around us, from sand and pebbles on the beach, to rare and precious stones. New minerals and crystals are always forming — at the surface and deep within the Earth. Most crystals grow from molten rock deep within the Earth. As the magma cools, many crystals form simultaneously and crowd into one another, producing different shapes. Crystals grow out of mineral-rich solutions in spacious rock cavities. When solutions are completely saturated with mineral components, crystals can begin to form on rock walls, on other crystals, and even on particles of dust. They can grow quickly or slowly — or depending on changes in temperature and the concentration of the solution.


Forces have been at work for billions of years to make minerals. Born of fluid, heat, and pressure, minerals dazzle us with their breathtaking colors and shapes and astonish us with their usefulness. A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic (nonliving) solid having a specific chemical composition. Most minerals occur naturally as crystals. Every crystal has an orderly, internal pattern of atoms, with a distinctive way of locking new atoms into that pattern to repeat it again and again.



Facts about crystals and gemstones


  • Crystals come in every sizes, shapes and colors. Many are multi-colored.

  • Their matrixes follow the patterning of Sacred Geometry.

  • All crystals and gemstones are living organisms. Crystals have a life energy of their own, they are alive and usually grow in clusters.

  • They can be used to align and balance chakras.

  • All crystals 'vibrate' on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out will determine which crystal you will choose at a certain point in your life. You do choose different crystals as your needs change.

  • Many crystals are as old as our planet and record the history of the planet.

  • Some crystals supposedly come here from off of the planet - such moldavite or other elestial crystals.



Selecting a personal crystal


When you choose a crystal - it will seem to 'call' to you as if it has been waiting for you. This is because you and that crystal are on the same frequency. The crystal will 'catch your eye' and you will feel an immediate connection, even if it is not the crystal you came for. When you hold the crystal in your hand, you will feel a connection of frequency.


Some people find crystals. Some people 'feel' that crystals find them. Once you have your crystal the next step is to clean and clear the energies from it. You clear it to clean frequencies in it that are not in balance for with you. Quartz crystals and gemstones easily attract all kinds of 'vibrations'; negative as well as positive. The stones are always 'open' to receiving impressions from everyone and everything around them! Your stone, which you have just selected, may well have traveled many thousands of miles before coming to you - and may well have acquired many negative energies and ' vibrations' before it became yours. Therefore before starting to use your stone for any purpose whatsoever it is very important that you first remove any of these unwanted 'vibrations' and disharmonious energies. You must do everything you possibly can to ensure that only the most natural - and purest - energies remain within your stone. You can also carry a stone or wear it for a few days, and then leave in behind for a few days, to learn how the stone is affecting you. Experimenting in this way can help you to develop a sensitivity to your crystals.



Cleansing your crystal


The method you use is always a matter of personal choice. Approach the crystal as if it is a living entity. Most people wash their crystals in water or soak them for several hours in sea salt mixed in water. I cleanse my crystals with white sage leaves.  I burn the white sage and place the crystal in the smoke. While the smoke is cleansing and clearing the stone, I am imagining and envisioning the stone being cleared of all prior energy and intentions. Next I place them in sunlight to energize them. Moonlight will do the same thing especially during a full moon. A full moon will charge your crystals and stones.



Working with crystals


Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand (right or left) and send it a telepathic message. The energy of your thoughts will be incorporated into the crystal. Meditating with your crystal: Crystals can enhance the energies of your intention. You can hold the crystal, wear it, place it on a specific chakra or combine it with other crystals you are using.



Planets and crystals:


  • Sun: Garnet

  • Vulcan: Malachite

  • Venus: Lapis, Pearl, Turquoise

  • Moon: Pearl, Turquoise

  • Mars: Amethyst, Garnet

  • Jupiter: Amethyst

  • Saturn: Garnet, Jade

  • Neptune: Jade, Malachite, Pearl

  • Uranus: Amethyst, Lapis, Malachite, Quartz

  • Pluto: Amethyst, Garnet, Malachite, Quartz


Chakra Balancing with Soulistic Wellness Healing

Stones and Healing Properties


AGATE -- Agate comes in many colors. You can use agates to balance chakras by matching the color of the agate with the matching chakra. Agate assist with acceptance, grounding, emotional and physical balance. Strengthens effects of other stones.   


BLUE LACE AGATE —The blue color strengthens the function of the throat chakra. Encourages peace and a sense of detachment.  Can be used whenever there is aggravation or a buildup of energy causing pain, irritation, or inflammation. 


BLACK AGATE — Powerful healer that is used for protection, courage, and success. Helps the reproduction system and encourages fertility. Very beneficial for bone marrow, allergies, menopause, and also breast tumors. Agate is a protector of new life and is an excellent stone during pregnancy. Increases concentration and clarity. Removes jinxes and bad luck. Aids in overcoming fears, flaws, and loneliness. 


AMAZONITE — Aligns to the heart and throat chakra. A calming stone that helps to balance and stabilize the nervous system.  Enhances communication, memory, and brain functions. Aligns etheric and mental bodies. Has been used to stimulate psychic abilities and subtle sensitivity.  


AMBER — Great stone for detoxification and can alleviate depression. Fossilized resin, not a stone. Lungs, memory, calming, protection. Improves the function of the brain and nervous system. Releases anxiety and increases clarity of mind. 


AMETHYST — Crown chakra stone, purple quartz. One of the most useful stones for meditation. Primarily a stone of the mind. Helps bring calmness and clarity. Decreases anxiety and confusion.  Known to balance all systems of the body. Assists spiritual/psychic opening in a grounded way, creativity, courage, intuition, self-esteem.  Enhances intuition.


APATITE — A stone of manifestation. Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura. Known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. Clears away confusion. A strong stone used in past life work by accessing the energy levels where the Akashic records and the soul patterns exist. Promotes a humanitarian outlook and service to others.


AQUAMARINE — Throat chakra stone. Encourages creative expression and communication skills.  Mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, calming, enhances self-expression.  Provides a boost to the immune system.  Aquamarine stimulates the thymus gland and can help clear infection from the body.  It may, however, bring old symptoms to the body before they are finally released.   


AVENTURINE — Mental clarity, joy, positive attitude. Aventurine comes in many colors such as yellow, brown, green, red, etc.  You can use this stone for chakra balancing by matching the color with the matching chakras.


BLUE AVENTURINE — Aligns with the throat chakra, strengthening communication abilities helping you to speak out when required and being true to yourself. Clears old stagnant energies, helping you with inner growth and spiritual work. Helps to overcome addictions. 


GREEN AVENTURINE — Aventurine is a form of quartz that is known as the stone of prosperity. Green aventurine is a comforter and healer.  It neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment. This stone brings emotional calm and well-being. Known to settle nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. 


YELLOW AVENTURINE — Opens and balances the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Known to increase creativity. Helpful to those that are indecisive and overly sensitive, aiding in overcoming feelings of problems of control over your own life. 


AZURITE — Third eye chakra stone. Activates expansion of consciousness, amplifies healing abilities.  Releases deep stresses and helps to heal ailments that are caused by a breakdown of communication between the different bodily systems. Known to speed the vibration of all energies toward the spiritual realm. Stimulates deep levels of consciousness. Increases subtle communication skills such as intuition, creativity and inspiration.   


BERYL — Intestines, Cardiovascular system, sedative


BLOODSTONE — Known to balance the root chakra and heart chakra. Calms strong emotions. Supports the heart and circulation on a physical energetic level. Helps with blood disorders, heart circulation, vitality, courage, generates higher states of consciousness. Spiritual qualities can be assessed and integrated into everyday life because the root chakra is activated in a disciplined way.   


BLUE QUARTZ — Calms the mind, inspires hope, and promotes understanding your spiritual nature. Good for detoxification and creativity. Can be used as a power amplifier during magic.  


CALCITE — Known to be a kidney stimulant, aids in astral projection, and balances yin/yang qualities. Calcite comes in many colors such as green, orange, blue, etc. Calcite can be used to balance chakras.


BLUE CALCITE — Used with the throat chakra to facilitate calm communication. Allowing clear communication among differing or opposing points of view. Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. Blue calcite can be used with the brow (3rd Eye) chakra to enhance or activate intuition and inner sight.  Helps one to see the perfection of the universe and to have an optimistic point of view.  Use calcite to clear old patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive.


GREEN CALCITE — Associated with the heart chakra. A grounding and centering stone that brings stability. Known to increase success, prosperity, and business. Green Calcite is a stone of manifestation because of its ability to bring increase in all areas.  Known to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Used for overcoming addictions and compulsive disorders. Good for general health and healing, especially emotional and mental issues. Excellent stone for gardening.


ORANGE CALCITE — Associated with the sacral chakra. Helps to relieve emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression, suicidal thoughts, divorce, and many other traumatic situations. Gives a gentle boost to psychic abilities and emotional equilibrium. Helpful for the reproductive system. Used to balance sexual energies. Restores emotional and mental equilibrium. 


CARNELIAN — This stone is strengthening. Encourages creativity and prosperity. Helps with lower back problems, reproductive organs, and encourages curiosity.


CELESTITE — Assist with balancing the throat chakra, affecting communication, expression and acceptance. Known to stimulate the crown and brow chakra. Helps to relieve feelings of sadness, heaviness, or desperation.  Brings about a calm, joyous state.  Good stone for meditation and intuitive frames of mind. 


CITRINE — Breaks up energy blockages in the body, strengthens will, vision, balance, self-confidence, helps in letting go of addictions.  Brings the energy to succeed, and a clarity of mind and purpose. Citrine may counsel caution. It can advise to take things step by step.


CLEAR QUARTZ — Connected to the crown chakra. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and will amplify energy and thought.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Powerful transmitter, amplifies/directs thought forms, healing energy balancer, promote clarity, attunes one to higher self. Enhances psychic abilities. Stimulates the immune system and aligns all the chakras. Acts as a deep soul cleanser. Aids concentration and helps with memory. 


COPPER — Known to reduce pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism. Helps energy to flow throughout the body.  Strengthens brain functions and nervous system.  Releases frustration, tension and nervous energy.


DIAMOND — Connected to the crown chakra. Known as the stone of invincibility. It is a spiritual stone of illumination that activates the crown and Etheric chakras.  Stimulates creativity and imagination. It is a symbol of wealth and manifesting abundance in one’s life. Removes blockages, negativity, brain balancer, draws toxicity from the body. Great conductors and amplifiers of energy, absorbing thoughts and feelings then radiating them outward. 


ELESTIALS — Has an extremely high vibration and is a powerful stone to aid your spiritual growth. Crystal of the angels. Aligns one to the christ principles. Access past life information relevant to today. Releases blockages and negativity. One of the most powerful healing crystals. May be used on any part of body. Elestials are attuned to the vibration of higher spiritual realms and they will help you to make a stronger connection to the beings there. Theses stones will assist healing on a deeper soul and karmic level.   


EMERALD — Heart chakra balancer. It can release hidden fears and anxiety, allowing the individual to experience finer spiritual states of awareness. Emerald brings soothing harmony of all systems of the body. Improves relationships, meditation, relaxation, heart balancer, strengthens clairvoyance, psychic abilities, aids in mental illness.


FLINT — Focuses on the solar plexus. Helps the body to repair itself at every level. Used from protection against negative influences.  Improves self–confidence, personal power, and assimilation of information on all levels. 


FLOURITE — Works with the brow (3rd Eye) chakra. Strengthens abilities to perceive higher levels of reality, absorbs and clears air of psychic clutter.  Helps to assimilate ideas and information from different sources into conscious awareness. Encourages ideas, inventions, and dreams of the future. Maintains integrity of the skeletal system. Orderliness and an increased structure in ones affairs are encouraged when using fluorite.    


GARNET — Circulation (especially in lungs, skin, intestines), promotes heat, energy, vitality, strengthens imagination, self-esteem, willpower


HEMATITE — Root stone chakra stone. Stone of protections. Blood disorder, increases self-esteem and aids astral protection.  Hematite has a strengthening influence on the physical body, especially the blood, body, circulatory system, and body temperature. If a person is fully balanced, hematite can provide access to spirit travel and astral worlds. This stone will help balance a unfocused, spaced out mind. 


HERKIMER DIAMOND — Releases physical stress, tension, cleanses subtle bodies, discharges toxicity from system, aids in past life memories, stimulates clairvoyance and dream work, stores information.


IOLITE — One of the major stones used in healing, guided meditations and during astral travel adventures. It works through the third eye/crown area. The "correct" positioning of the stone needs to be intuited individually. The purpose for this stone is to enhance the evolution of spiritual growth as painlessly and effortlessly as possible. The electrical charge from the gem/crystal boosts the strength in aligning the auric field with the spiritual bodies. It balances the yin and yang of the male and female energy. It brings a balance to self enabling a greater sense of responsiblity in the management of relationships and money management. It releases disharmony allowing the movement towards perfection, not only in this world but also in the next world. It allows for patience as the acknowledger of access to inner knowledge, and in the knowing of direction.


JADE — Helps to balance the heart chakra. Improves the efficiency of all healing processes. Jade is a stabilizing gemstone. Helps bring awareness of the body’s instinctual capacity. Blood cleanser, strengthens immune system, kidneys, generates divine love, encourages altruistic nature & expression of feelings, strengthens earth connections, protects from injury and accidents.


LAPIS LAZULI — Third eye chakra stone, Stone of Ancient Egypt.  Also used to balance the throat chakra. Increases psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, throat (expressiveness) cleansing, aligns etheric, mental, spiritual bodies, and thought amplifier. A deep balancer that can remove deep levels of stress and trauma from the system.  Brings the spiritual qualities of deep silence and perspective that can be unnerving to those unfamiliar with these sensations. Used to access levels of universal truth and balance that goes beyond individual concepts of right and wrong. Excellent for healing of deep and chronic wounds. 


LABRODORITE — Allows complete polarity shifts to occur. Helps many different levels of energy and awareness to be assessed.  Helps discover solutions and reveal new opportunities in life. Good stone to increase psychic abilities


MALACHITE — An absorbing stone. Malachite is an excellent stone to draw out imbalances from the body. Known to reduce pain and inflammation. Clears emotional imbalances. Malachite brings peace to the heart chakra. Good stone for detoxification. Known to cleans the body of toxins and pollutants. Balance right/left brain, mental illness, overtoxification protects against radiation, promotes tissue regeneration, inspires giving of self, self expression, assists vision on all levels. Caution: dust is toxic if ingested.   


MILKY QUARTZ — Has all the same energies as clear quartz. Contains a more feminine, gentle effect. Soothing to both the mind and the emotions.  Radiates a cool, quiet, calming energy in the aura


MOLDAVITE — Activates the heart chakra. Amplifies the qualities of any other stones nearby. The richly colored translucent green stone known as Moldavite is the only known gemstone of extraterrestrial origin. The only recorded fall of Moldavite occurred about fifteen million years ago! Moldavites are the rarest of gems, perhaps even rarer than diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Since their origin is not of this Earth, further discovery of new deposits seems highly unlikely. Many people find it easy to 'connect' with the energies of Moldavite. Typically, though not upon every occasion, people first experience heat radiating from the stone and a sense of pulling energy, with very strong and firm pulsations. Sometimes, when the connection is very strong, holding the stone will bring on a flush to the face and neck, accompanied by the activation of the heart chakra and sometimes the higher chakras, especially the third eye. Moldavite assists the expansion of your crystal and cosmic consciousness. All moldavite is made available to all those who would serve it in Truth. Moldavite, however, is not for everyone. Moldavite enhances the throat, brow, and crown chakra by increasing perception, intuition, and visualization. Also provides a fuller appreciation of existence. 


MOONSTONE — Opens one to "feminine" qualities-receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, clairvoyance, for female problems & emotional balance


OBSIDIAN — protects sensitive people, wards off negativity, reduces tensions, good for letting go of old love, travel, strengthens prophesy.  Known to bring hidden emotions to the surface, which makes it useful in releasing long-held stresses and traumas. 


OPAL — Protection, enhances cosmic consciousness, intuition, harmony, emotional balance, joy, creativity


PEARL/ABALONE — Pearl is known to be the finest stabilizer of the emotions. Brings relaxation to areas where there is tension frustration.  Increases flexibility and tolerance. Abalone is known for strengthening the structure of the body and the heart chakra.  Strengthens the immune system.  Encourages expansion and individuality.


PERIDOT — Stimulates tissue regeneration, enhances clarity, patience, calming, balancing, aligns all subtle bodies, increases clairvoyance, encourages positive emotional outlook


PHANTOM QUARTZ — the crystal to meditate on when you feel you have become stuck in life and need to get going again.


PYRITE — Combination of iron and sulfer. Digestive aid, good for red corpuscles, circulation, eases anxiety, frustration depression, money magnet


RED JASPER — Good for root chakra. Grounding stone that earthy, solid, and dependable. Helps to stimulate psychic abilities, dreams, and visionary skills.  Repairs and enhances the physical structures of the body. It encourage practicality and down to earth realism.


RHODOCHROSITE — Heart chakra stone. Cleanses subsciousness, strengthens self-identity, attunes one to natural androgynous state


RHODONITE — Brings balance to the heart chakra. The darker colors within the pink hue bring a grounding energy that helps to eliminate negative states, such as anxiety and confusion. Boost confidence and motivation. Ensures realistic and practical approach to the emotions and to emotional responses.


ROSE QUARTZ — Heart chakra stone. Increases confidence, personal expression, creativity, emotional balance, self-love, for "heartbreak" , opening to Universal love and comfort


RUBY — Heart, spiritual balance, confidence, flexibility, energy, vitality, devotion, leadership


RUBELLITE/PINK — Heart balancer, increases insight, perception, creativity, fertility, balances passivity/aggression


RUTILATED QUARTZ — A combination of rock crystal intergrown with crystals of titanium dioxide called rutile. Helps break old patterns, childhood blockages, tissue regeneration, builds immune system, eases depression


RUBELLITE in LEPEDOLITE — Good balancer for the heart chakra. Helps to stabilize and energize emotions. Clears away aggression. Helps to introduce assertiveness where there is too much passivity and acceptance. This stone can come in various colors. The pink stones can help balance the creative aspects of the sacral chakra, where emotions and deep trauma is stored. 


SAPPHIRE — Enhances glandular function, elevates mood, stimulates clairvoyance, telepathy, "feminine" qualities, and improves expression, communication with one's spirit guides. Calming and regulating effect on many systems of the body.  Known to ease anxiety and release built up tension.  Assist with a smoother flow of communication and personal expression. 


SCHORL (BLACK TOURMALINE) — Best stone to use for protection from negativity. The stone deflects energy that is unbalancing, creating a safe, neutral space around itself. This is a deeply grounding stone and is a stone of alignment. Helps to realign the structural aspects of the body, such as the bones and the muscles.  It will help the body to make physical readjustments when there is an injury or strain.  It can also align the human body to the energies of planet Earth.


SELENITE — Brings about rapid shifts of energy. Brings flexibility, spiritual insight, and creativity. It can be relaxing and eases bodily tension.


SMOKY QUARTZ — Increases fertility, creativity, joy, balances emotional energy, grounding, strengthens adrenal glands, aids protein assimilation


SODALITE — Works well in unison with the throat and brow (3rd Eye) chakras. Encourages harmony, balance, courage, communication, strengthens lymphatic system, and alleviates subconscious fear and guilt. Balances the emotions and steadies the thought processes.  Brings deep levels of peace and can be used to aid meditation and contemplation. The white veining in sodalite is suggestive of communications with far-flung parts of the universe. 


SUGALITE — Works with the crown chakra.  Acts as a channel for the entrance of universal energies into the body and mind.  Sugalite helps to integrate spiritual energy into daily living.  Used to strengthen all functions of the nervous system.  Sugalite assist in preserving the energy that flows between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, affecting physical coordination.  Used to increase confidence and clarity.


TIGER EYE — A gentle grounding stone. For beginning detoxification, works on mass consciousness to separate desire from need. Excellent stone to balance all three lower chakras: base, sacral, and solar plexus. Encourages confidence, practicality, and an ability to feel at home in the world. 


TOPAZ — Useful for directing and focusing energy. Cleanses negativity from the emotions, bringing stability and balance. Assists understanding, balances, emotions, helps in letting go of the past, enhances creativity, relaxant, aids tissue regeneration. Yellow and golden topaz work well with the crown chakra, increasing peace and harmony. 


TOURMALINE — Dispels fear, negativity, and grief. Promotes health environment, tranquil sleep, balance in relationships, self-expressions, eases compulsiveness. Tourmaline is ectromagnetic therefore it interacts with our bodies’ electromagnetic system. It has a strong anti-cancer vibration and is good for the heart chakra. It is known as a master healer. Activates base chakra, for arthritis, adrenals, protects against negativity


GREEN TOURMALINE — Heart chakra, immune system, balancer


BLUE TOURMALINE — Throat chakra, communication, lungs


WATERMELON TOURMALINE — Stimulates, strengthens effect of other tourmalines, heart, balance, endocrines


TURQUOISE — Works naturally at the level of the heart and throat chakras. Stimulates the energies of the thymus gland. Ensures a high level of energy function. Strengthens entire body, promotes nutrient absorption, tissue regeneration, circulation, aligns subtle bodies, protects against harm and environmental pollutants. Increases psychic sensitivity and connection with the spirit world.