Healing Your Wealth

Financial Freedom is essential in living a life that is balanced and whole.  We all desire a life of financial freedom.  At Soulistic Wellness Healing, we provide  Financial Coaching services that will assist you in breaking free of the self-imposed limitations many feel are constricting them from living the abundant life they know they innately deserve.  Our financial coaches assist you to face the parts of your subconscious that you feed to your fears of not having enough 

Did you know that wealth is a feeling?  Yes!  You heard me correctly, WEALTH is a feeling.  And by the way, money is ENERGY and YOU are the CURRENCY. Of course there are actions you must take to physically build wealth. But if you don’t first internally understand your thoughts and feelings about wealth and money, you will never know where to begin to truly manifest it. Examine your beliefs about money.  Are your money beliefs blocking you from receiving the natural abundance that the Universe provides? Are you cheating yourself by avoiding to talk about your money fears?  According to Dr. William G Herron Ph.D., the author of Money Matters, "We are taught that revealing financial information about ourselves is exposing ourselves."  At Soulistic Wellness Healing, we believe that nothing can be healed that has not yet been revealed.  Your unwillingness to talk through your own money fears with yourself, as well as with others, has its cost.  Do you want to continue to pay the cost of wealth ignorance? Do you want to constantly block the energetic flow of currency from entering into your life? It is important to have knowledge of the financial system of our world and society. But even more importantly, you must learn the Universal laws of wealth and the energy of money. You must learn the laws of thought and inner knowing.  You can quote positive affirmations all day that have no affect if the subconscious mind is not able to absorb, accept, and act on them. You cannot think negative thoughts about wealth and expect to create a life of financial freedom, security, and inner satisfaction.

“Every man is where he is by law of his being; the thoughts he has built into

his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of

chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err”

James Allen

how do you feel aboutmoney?

At Soulistic Wellness Healing, we understand the importance of vibrating with abundance. Financial freedom is an important aspect of our human experience that we all desire.

Our Healing Your Wealth Program will help you to be aware of your thoughts and assist you in clearing out negative thought patterns of lack and to remain in the NOW where you have the power to put forth action to manifest your financial intentions and desires. 

Your thoughts and feelings of your past experiences have shaped every aspect of your life in each moment.  What you think MATTERS! Meaning it is brought into physical manifestation. What are your predominant thoughts about money?  Do you immediately think of lack? The vibration that you give off pertaining to each aspect of your life is being reciprocated back to you in the same measure.  Have you ever heard of the LAW OF ATTRACTION? If you have constantly thought and felt lack, you have continuously summoned it to be a partner and co-creator with you. If you hate your job, it will continue to yield you more opportunities to express your hatred for it. If you lack understanding of money, it will continue to avoid you and connect with others who know how to resonate with its abundant frequency and energy so it may continue to flow generously as it desires to. Money has a CURRENT by which it flows and only seeks to abundantly manifest to those whose frequency match it's limitless energy. Why do you think it is called CURRENCY? Are you in the flow?  Or are your thoughts swimming against the CURRENT? If you are not in the flow and you struggle with your thoughts about money and lack, no worries, our financial coaches are here for you! Let us work together to heal your wealth.

Credit Restoration & Financial Freedom

Credit is one of life’s great hacks. It affords opportunities to leverage someone else’s money to build wealth. So many people lack true understanding of this superpower that we have been given. If you have a low credit score, take a deep breath and a sigh of relief because you are in the right place. Soulistic Wellness Healing does not offer credit. We are a wellness company that focuses on offering services that will assist people to be balanced, whole, and live from their soul!  An important desire for most human beings is to be financially free.  We all desire great health, great WEALTH, and great happiness.  Financial freedom is an important aspect of healing and balancing the whole being. Our program also provides Credit Restoration services for people that are focused on not only Healing there thoughts about Wealth, but also desire to be educated about our worlds financial system, the infamous credit score and how to be financially free.  

 At Soulistic Wellness Healing, our credit restoration specialist will:

  • Educate On What A Credit Score Truly Is

  • Teach The 5 Categories that Make up Your Credit Score

  • Dispute Negative Items On Your Credit Report

  • Provide Important Tools To Build Positive Credit

  • Ensure That Your Creditors Are Adhering To The FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Credit Collection Practices Act)

  • Guarantee That You Will See A Credit Score Increase By Following The Steps We Provide During The Dispute Process

How Can A Soulistic Wellness Healing Financial Coach Help?

Our Healing Your Wealth Financial Coaching Program will:

  • Help You Examine Your Beliefs About Money And True Prosperity

  • Teach You the Eight Ways To Dump Financial Struggle

  • Help You Learn How To Transcend Lack  With Gratitude And A New Prosperous Way Of Thinking

  • Provide Important Tools And Affirmations Of Abundance

  • Assist You In De-Cluttering Your Inner Emotional World Of Past Trauma That Has Created Limiting Financial Beliefs

  • Guarantee That You Will See A Credit Score Increase As You Work With Your Coach And Credit Restoration Specialist

  • Heal The Association Of Money Management With Conflict And Stress

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Healing Your Wealth

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