Fall 2018

Health Coach Program

If your goal is to live a more balanced lifestyle by making healthier choices, but you are struggling to do so on your own, The Soulistic Wellness Healing Health Coaching program is for you.  Most people do not realize how much their day job, busy schedule, and relationships cause ongoing stress and creates an opportunity to manifest dis-ease.  Having a busy schedule and lack of preparation plays a huge role in sticking with a healthy diet.  Your health coach will be a supportive mentor that will assist you in making healthier food choices, creating a realistic and beneficial fitness regime and much more.  To live a healthy life, it is important to raise your vibration.  We all  Many chronic diseases are related to poor nutrition, poor habits, stress and much mo e.  Our program is not focused on dieting, but on changing your lifestyle.  Diet is not the only aspect of health management.  High stress levels, lack of time to devote to meal preparation, and poor sleep all play a huge part in your health.  An ongoing relationship with one of our health coaches will provide you the support that you have been looking for, to assist you in reaching your goals.  Your coach will use a variety of strategies and a wide variety of dietary theories to bring about the best results based on your treatment plan.  Our coaches keep an open mind and believe that there is not one ideal diet that is best for all people, yet, greatly support a vegan/plant-based diet based on the research that this is the healthiest and highest vibrational diet.  Our coaches encourage their clients to eat high vibrational, electric, and alkaline foods.  

Benefits of having a health coach:

  • Improvement in eating habits

  • Encourages accountability for unhealthy behaviors and habits

  • Encourages patient determined goals

  • Disease / symptom prevention

  • Education about natural remedies such as herbal treatments / supplements

  • Help with emotional eating

  • Stress Management

  • Receive help with food preparation

  • Incorporates self-discovery and active learning processes

  • Program is beneficial for adults going through hormone - related changes

If you feel that one of our Services would be beneficial for you at this point on your journey, Schedule a Session Today!!!

If you would like to discuss our services and your needs with one of our coaches prior to scheduling a session, we would like offer you a FREE 20 minute consultation. 

Schedule a FREE 20 Minute Consultation Today!!!

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