Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is not only provided for loosening muscles and relieving pain, but it has been found to be beneficial for reducing stress, increasing relaxation, detoxification, as well as addressing anxiety and depression.  We offer a wonderful selection of massage therapy services that are all offered along with Reiki Healing Energy.  Not only do we understand the importance of massage on the physical body, we know the importance of energy healing, along with physical healing. Our healing practitioners bring everything needed for an upscale, relaxing, personal energy healing session right to your front door.  We meet you right where you are.  You deserve it!  All of our Massage Therapy services are provided to you right in your home, hospital room, hospice center, or any location within the DFW Metroplex.  The Soulistic Wellness Healing team understand the importance of your comfort and ease.  This is the reason why we bring all of our healing and chakra balancing services right to you.  

Travel Fees Apply. Gift Certificates for our Services are available. 

Massage Therapy Services

Soulistic Custom Massage
Our signature massage is created specific to your body’s needs. During your free consultation with your practitioner, you will have the opportunity to communicate your needs and together you will create the perfect massage combining Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Cupping, Stretching, Sports and Reflexology!


Soulistic Swedish Massage
Your therapist will use gentle pressure combined with flowing movement to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, promote relaxation and improve flexibility.


Soulistic Sports / Deep Tissue Massage
Is a combination of long flowing strokes, stretching and / or trigger points. The long flowing strokes carry oxygenated blood to the muscle tissue while stretching allows the muscles to lengthen and applying pressure to trigger points assists in the break-down of adhesion. This type of massage is requested by athletes who desire optimal performance and non-athletes who seek relief from chronic pain.


Soulistic Reflexology
Each organ or part of the body is represented on the hands, feet & ears so that when your therapist applies pressure it stimulates the flow of energy, blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses to the corresponding organ or body part.


Soulistic Chair Massage

Using light, medium or firm compression stokes, your therapist will work to release contracted muscles and circulate blood flow to help promote relaxation. This option is available for corporate events, bridal showers or any private event looking to help their guests relax.   


*30 Minute Add-Ons
For an extra dose of relaxation, we can also provide a relaxing aromatherapy or sports cream treatment, a heavenly 30-minute foot & lower leg massage, an exquisite 30-minute scalp massage, a tranquil 30-minute hand and arm massage, cupping treatment or hands on Reiki session.

If you feel that one of our Services would be beneficial for you at this point on your journey, Schedule a Session Today!!!

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