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Hello Beloveds! My name is Toinette (pronounced Ton-yette) and I hail from Austin,TX. I am wife to Bob Clark and mother to 3 daughters Aszriale 20, Aszum 11, and Asziya ,9. I was hit by a drunk driver in 2012 and developed a condition called Fibromyalgia. My husband was a minister and now he and I are spiritualist. We believe in God, but we say Supreme Creator and believe it is energy not a person. We believe that Jesus is one of the Ascended Masters and once walked the earth. About a year ago, I started having ancestors approach me in dreams and I would smell the smoke from my grandfather's cigarettes. I have been studying Oracle readings for a year, and then I had a breakthrough where I did Reiki on myself and healed my pain to where I no longer take a lot of medicine. I asked the Supreme Creator to guide me to a Reiki Instructor that would resignate with me. The first website I came across was I spoke with Beloved Walker today April 24, 2021 and her spirit had me with butterflies. I am signing up for the Crystal Reiki Healer Package. I look forward to connecting in July and I am very excited for the experience. Blessings with Love and Light.

Toinette Clark

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