ART/Reiki Master Certification

Soulistic Wellness Healing Reiki Master Certification with Sharon Walker

Total Cost: $600.00

Deposit: $300.00

Duration: 3 Day Course (Course available in Classroom ONLY, Friday - Sunday) (DFW Metroplex)

Soulistic Wellness Healing offers ART/Reiki Master certification in the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki. Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART)/Reiki Master Certification is the next level certification after Level 1 & 2. This course is for those that would like to teach Reiki and

provide attunements for others. During the ART/Reiki Master Certification, you will learn about the origin of Western Reiki, which is a modified form of the Usui system, taught by Ms. Takata, a student of Dr. Usui. You will learn the Reiki Moving Meditation which is a combination of Qi Gong movements combined with the Usui master symbol. This powerful meditation will assist practitioners in becoming more grounded, centered and energized.  You will learn many advanced techniques through the ART portion of the course.  Amongst many of those techniques is the Advanced Reiki Meditation, which is a Yantra meditation in which you use the Reiki symbols. This beautiful meditation will assist you in expanding your consciousness, mental clarity, ability to visualize and to create inner peace. You will learn how to use crystals in combination with Reiki.  Other techniques that will be taught during this course will include but not limit to, aura cleansing, Reiki crystal grid, and violet breath, which is apart of the Usui attunement process.

You will learn powerful Reiki symbols and healing attunements. You will receive all Level 1, 2, and Master attunements. This course will include step by step instructions on how to give attunements to your students. If you would like to learn more details about attunements, go to the Reiki 1 & 2 section to learn what an attunement is and how to prepare to receive them.

You will learn about the importance of ethics, client relations and how you should refrain from diagnosing and prescribing in any type of energy healing session. Energy healers are not doctors and do not encourage clients to go against any diagnoses or treatment that they have received from a medical professional. You will receive teacher guidelines on how to start your own practice, class outlines, along with many resources on how to organize and teach Reiki classes. You will receive a Reiki Master Manual that will be combined with the Advanced Reiki Training manual. This manual will include all the important aspects of providing attunements, as well as 34 user friendly drawings and illustrations.

Reiki Master Manual
Including Advanced Reiki Training
by William Lee Rand

The ART/Reiki Master Certification course is offered as a 3 Day course. The course will be available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (location for each course TBA). This course is not available online. The ART/Reiki Master course is on Friday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Advanced Reiki Techniques is on Friday and the Reiki Master Certification is Saturday and Sunday. This course is offered only once per quarter through Soulistic Wellness Healing. Please choose one of the dates available, fill out the registration form and make your payment below. Before you register, make sure to review the Course Packages section to see if this course is offered in a bundle with another course that you may be interested in. Our course packages can save you up to $150.

ART/Reiki Master Certification

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