Relationship Coaching

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Like the seasons that change quarterly, we must embrace the new while saying goodbye to the old. Our ideas and understandings are forever changing. And as we evolve in understanding, so must our relationships adapt to the changes within us. At Soulistic Wellness Healing, our goal is to assist relationships through the discomfort that these shifts can often present, and to help couples navigate through the transitions more smoothly as they face them. Our desire is to see happy and healthy relationships flourish. But there must first be understanding of how we operate individually in order to know if we are attempting to merge pieces of a puzzle that do not fit our truth any longer.

Our coaching program will help you to identify the necessary steps to evolve from the uncertainty of your relationships direction into the confidence needed to pursue and achieve its higher purpose. We will assess your relationship based upon the information provided to us during your consultation.  A seasoned Relationship Coach will then help you to develop goals specific to your desires and assist in formulating a plan with proper tools to move toward those established goals. You will be provided weekly homework assignments that are tailored specifically to your needs.  And your progress will be closely monitored and measured for the duration of your program.  Your coach will work hand and hand with you to ensure full accountability and push you to expand and stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone to explore new ways to enhance relationship and communication skills.  We guarantee to provide quality service and to fully equip our clients with the best available resources to grow their individual character and their relationship. 

Through our coaching program, we will:

  • Target specific areas of conflict, and help you to pinpoint the root causes of them.

  • Help to create bridges in the way communication is approached collectively.

  • Review the truth of your core beliefs regarding relationships and how you operate.

  • Present lessons of balance and help you to understand how to merge your strengths and weakness to create more manifestation power.


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None of these things can be accomplished without your willingness to do the work. As coaches, we give you the tools to succeed. You have to implement those tools within each interaction and experience in life. You are in the relationship game. We teach you how to play for the same team and win, if that is what is desired. You must execute the plan and adjust to the opposing forces that wish to stagnate your growth.  Even if those are your own former ideas about relationships. Your coaches will work hand-in-hand with you to begin the process, and will create a relationship of accountability with you to ensure that the steps are followed and progression is being made. If your relationship seems to be at a crossroads, or you have repeated certain cycles that you desire to break free from, our Relationship Coaching package is for you. And we would love to assist in the growth and development of your understanding.

By the end of your relationship coaching package with Soulistic Wellness Healing, our desire is that our clients will be able to understand how to effectively and successfully communicate and implement their inner truths into the relationship and remain in a harmonious balance with their individual and collective universal flow. 

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