From Bondage to Breakthrough

Healing the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. It is the second chakra, located right below the belly button and above the root chakra. It is here that we often house our emotions. Water represents this energy center, because energy must be able to flow through you as fluid, as freely as possible.  This place is also a major focal point of manifestation energy.  There are many movements, breathing techniques, sensual and sexual practices that you can use to unblock stagnate energy that may be lying dormant and hindering forward progression and creativity.  It is in this place that we feel the inner and outer worlds. That "GUT" feeling of intuition, those nervous butterflies that flutter from time to time, and that creative sexual energy that is on the surface perceived as being horny and is often desired to be released, are indicators of an active sacral and a need to give attention and intention to what is in the heart.

When balanced, the sacral chakra is geared toward creating harmonious exchanges with the external and internal worlds, nurturing the self and others, and pure pleasure. When misaligned one can become co-dependent, lack sexual desire, overindulge in sexual obsessions as a coping mechanism, become stagnant in life, and emit emotional instability. You must learn conscious practices to balance and align this vital area in order to develop flexibility and better relate to other that enter within your force field. Reiki, visualizations, meditation, and sensual dances that include hip motions and gyrations can all aid in the releasing of trapped energy, emotions, and sexual trauma when true intent is placed within the conscious mind.