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What is Energy Healing?

Why do I need it...

Soulistic Wellness Healing, LLC provides a plethora of services that are focused on chakra balancing, energy healing, and spiritual life coaching.

How do I heal my Emotions and past trauma?

How will a Heart Alignment Coach help me heal my relationship?

How do I create the life I desire?

At Soulistic Wellness Healing, we offer various healing modalities and coaching services to assist you to balance your chakras, detoxify the body, experience deep relaxation and much more. We offer services to help bring balance and well-being to the whole person, such as Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, Crystal Chakra Balancing Therapy and more!  Our goal is help our clients to be empowered and to know how to consciously create a reality that is conducive to their Souls journey and evolution. Our services include: 

Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

Crystal Chakra Balancing Therapy

Heart Alignment Coaching

Relationship Coaching


Be Balanced. Be Whole. Live From Your Soul.

Sharon Walker is a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Therapist.