Speakers & Performers:

Sharon Walker, M.S., SLC, Reiki Master

I AM Her Conference

TOPIC: Sacrology 101

Sharon Walker is the Founder of Soulistic Wellness Healing. During her workshop segment for the 2018 I AM Her Conference, Sharon will be discussing the Purpose and Power of the Sacral Chakra. She has established an extensive background as a Spiritual Life Coach, Counselor and Healer. Sharon obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Parkside in December 2007, followed by a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Human Services at the University of Wisconsin Platteville in May 2010.  After college she worked in the mental health field for 7 years before she became a Holistic Health Consultant and founded Soulistic Wellness Healing in Fort Worth, Texas.  It was while providing therapy at a children’s psychiatric facility that Sharon’s view and belief system on conventional medicine and the psychological community changed. It was at this time that a passion for holistic health and natural healing began. Sharon became a certified Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach. The vision for Soulistic Wellness began! Check out the rest of  www.soulisticwellnesshealing.com to learn more about Sharon Walker, her team of powerful practitioners, and the services and products offered at Soulistic Wellness Healing.

Isaaac & Sharon Walker, Owners of SWH

TOPIC: Reconnecting The Disconnection

Isaac and Sharon Walker are the owners of Soulistic Wellness Healing. They specialize in Relationship and Spiritual life Coaching. Through years of research, experience, and a willingness to love out loud, they have created a sacred space for individuals and couples to receive quality assistance along their spiritual and relationship journey. During their workshop segment, they will be highlighting pivotal issues in relationships that contribute to emotional blockages in the Sacral Chakra. Their main objective will be to educate on ways to effectively operate in harmonic balance within your relationship and evolve to spiritual partnership understanding. Isaac will be bringing an honest male perspective and shedding much light on the mind and heart of men and the issues that they often face and suppress that cause a dysfunctional disconnect from their emotions. Together they will also be sharing helpful tools on how to identify specific patterns and behaviors that can help you avoid misdiagnosing issues that your significant other may be facing and better relate to them. This portion of the conference will be a key component to helping bring understanding to the importance of healthy balance within a relationship and how to know what energy (Feminine/Masculine) you are primarily operating in. This will help you to better assess if you or your significant other are bringing balance or misalignment to the equation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from a couple who has grown together through 14 years of matrimony while facing and overcoming many of the challenges that most all relationships face.

I AM Her Conference

Felicia Garrett

I AM Her Conference

TOPIC: Embracing All Emotions

Felicia Garrett is the Emotional Release Specialist at Soulistic Wellness Healing. She is trained and certified in multiple healing modalities to aid clients in healing within the area of their emotions to bring about greater physical, mental, and spiritual vitality in their lives. She is a passionate teacher on many topics regarding emotional wellness. She is a manifestation coach that assist others in understanding the law of attraction and how to create the life they desire.


TOPIC: Becoming Goddess: Healing The Feminine

Fatima has been dancing professionally for over 25 years. She is a professional dance performer, master dance therapist, holistic health coach, RainDrop therapist and Reiki Practitioner who has found inner peace with dance and spirituality.


Fatima has trained with many schools including Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Broadway Dance Center, and Ballet Hispanico. With a background in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, African, samba and flamenco, she has an expansive knowledge of dance techniques and styles. With a passion for health and inner peace, she was compelled to go in depth and learn more, she decided to study Meditition. Apart from Meditation, Fatima learned Qi Gong, Yoga, nutrition, Kamitic philosophy, herbalism, and other spiritual disciplines that helped her emerge more and more complete, spiritually nourished and well-rounded spiritual woman at the AusarAuset Society (AAS) which is an international spiritual organization. Fatima will be speaking with the SiStars at the I AM Her Conference about Becoming Goddess: Heal the Feminine.  Learn more about Fatima at http://www.fatimassacreddance.com

Charlene Salb

TOPIC: Healing the Sacral with Authentic Communication

Charlene Salb empowers people to live life on their own terms. For many of us, that means reclaiming our exhausted energy reserves. It may mean healing wounds we've ignored for far too long. For others of us, it means getting in touch with our deepest and most spectacular dreams. A spark of inspiration can put our lives on a totally new and vibrant path.

Charlene is an avid student of many modalities for self-discovery and healing -- including psychology, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, herbalism, and Reiki. With the tools these provide, she creates highly-flexible and personalized programs for achieving your personal fulfillment. 

As a Holistic Estitician and Owner of Good Fox Co Skincare and Wellness Rituals, she creates beautiful and soul-nurturing environments. Every session has room for the fullness of experience. Charlene is unafraid to provide guidance in the dark and difficult places when we face fear itself. She knows that there, just beyond the struggle, we will find our guiding light.  

Having worked in mental health and human services field for over a decade Charlene has navigated many different roles. Her roster has ranged from a mental health liaison at a maximum security prison, to reviewing and investigating home and community services for people with cognitive disabilities. Most recently she has provided educational and decisional counseling at an abortion clinic. She is profoundly invested in us finding our voices and being heard, drawing strength from (or regardless of) our circumstances to stand fully in our truth. 

Charlene simply LOVES to love. She currently serves as a relationship coach for anybody finding ourselves limited by our current social and relationship road maps. Freedom, vitality and delicious intrigue are fundamental to our experience of love and sex, so why have we accepted so many limiting beliefs about who we are and how we can express love? She facilitates journeys of personal exploration to learn what relationship styles, physical pleasures and communication methods work best for each of us -- and how to bridge the gaps when our partners might not be riding the same wave. Most importantly, Charlene guides us to deeply celebrate our divine and sumptuous selves.

The Soulistic Wellness Team is so proud and excited to have Charlene Salb as a Speaker for this years conference. 

Vashti Price

Vashti Price is not just a performer, she is a healing artist that uses astrology and music to bring healing to her audience.  At an early age, she was able to recognize the healing effects of a genuine lyric in a heartfelt song, the power of a melody crafted in love, and even the atmosphere changing ability of very simple subtle tones.  Vashti has a desire  to inspire, encourage, and live from a place of wholeness.  Astrology and Music are the art forms that she had personally used to enhance her own spiritual health and wellness . By using various tools such as sounding bowls and tuning forks, along with the melodic tones of her voice, she bring's balance to the chakras and raise the vibration of her audience and clients.  Along with her natural healing gifts, Vashti has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Texas at Arlington with a concentration in music.  Ms. Price believes that if you are operating at optimal capacity, everything around you has no choice but to match your shine!  The Soulistic Wellness Healing team is excited for the opportunity to introduce a very specialized, creative and effective healing experience to the beautiful SiStars attending the 2018 I AM HER Conference!

La Femme Nakita

La Femme Nakita is a multi-talented powerhouse; wife of 19 years, mother of 3, trained actress, as well as singer, dancer and choreographer. Born and raised in Houston, TX she began writing at the young age of 10, a gift that was passed down to her from her mother. At the age of 12 she began writing raps which lead her to enter and win a talent search at 14. By the time she turned 17 she was signed to Capitol Records under the name Lashay, all the while she was cultivating her song writing and poetry skills."I Iove writing poetry; it allows me to be other characters & travel to distant places inside my head. Poetry is my escape from the harsh reality of the world.” Whenever she performs you will always catch her either wearing a hat or headband which adds to her being able to take on the true essence of her words.


Now recently signed with StreetLigion LLC, La Femme Nakita is currently working on a releasing a book of her poetry and poetry cd.

Contact info:


FB:Nakita Reddic-McClure


Hathor Hendrix

Hathor Hendrix is a personal trainer, singer, dancer, musician, actress, model, and writer...all in one!  Hathor Hendrix is a Dallas,TX based fitness professional specializing in personal/small group training and group exercise classes. After successfully dropping 80lbs by training herself and changing her lifestyle, Hathor is inspired to assist others on their personal journey to becoming their best selves.  Hathor specializes in African Belly Dance, which is a total body strength conditioning workout combined with Afrikan, Middleeastern, and Oriental dance choreography.  She will be performing a powerful dance for the I AM Her Conference!!!  Trust me...you do NOT want to Ms. Hathor Hendrix in ACTION!  Learn MORE about this powerful SiStar at www.hathorhendrix.com